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Coaguchek INR Testing

International Normalized Ratio (INR) testing will assist you to determine how your blood is clotting, which is particularly necessary when you are taking medication that changes the way your blood clots. Your general practitioner may require you to take an INR test to determine whether the anti-clotting medication you are using is working, as it should, or whether changes are needed. At Chemist Australia, we stock everything you need to be able to conduct an INR blood test from home. Our range of Coaguchek INR monitors gives you a simple and accurate method of INR testing. We have complete Coaguchek monitoring bundles, which include everything you need to practise safe and effective INR blood tests from the comfort and privacy of your own home. We also sell Coaguchek test strips individually so you can continue to undertake consistent testing as and when needed. By purchasing a Coaguchek INR testing kit or INR testing accessories, you will have automatic and free access to the Coaguchek helpline, setup to guide you through the process of INR testing and to answer any questions you may have during the process. Choose from Chemist Australia’s range of INR testers and testing accessories and take advantage of our low prices and domestic and international shipping.
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Coaguchek XS INR Monitoring System - Complete Coaguchek Bundle
Coaguchek XS INR Monitoring System (Mini Bundle) 6 Test Strips + 50 Lancets
Coaguchek XS PT Test PST 24 Strips
Coaguchek XS Softclix Lancets 50 (INR testing)
Coaguchek XS INR Device - Instructional Video
Coaguchek Helpline - for Coaguchek Set Up
Coaguchek XS INR Monitoring System (DEVICE ONLY)
Coaguchek XS Test Strips x 6 for INR Testing
Coaguchek INR Test Strips 48
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