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Meal Replacement

Meal replacement shakes are intended to be a nutritional alternative to conventional meals and can be relied upon to assist in the management of a structured weight loss or weight gain program. Chemist Australia has the widest range of meal replacement products to add to your weight management program. The best meal replacement shakes for weight loss are those that allow you to control the quantity of the food you intake while at the same time delivering a complete nutritional intake. Our range of Sustagen meal replacement shakes, for example, are comprised of the essential nutrients and vitamins needed for the promotion of good health and wellbeing, but they are also low fat and low GI for long-lasting energy and weight control. Our selection of Sustagen meal replacement products also includes the hospital formula, which is designed to assist with weight gain for those who, due to illness or injury, are unable to maintain the level of food intake required to achieve an optimal level of health. For the best meal replacement shakes, choose from Chemist Australia’s one-stop shop and take advantage of our low prices, high-quality products and affordable domestic and international shipping solutions.
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Ensure Formula 850gVanilla
Glucodin Tablets 50g
Sustagen Hospital Formula Chocolate 900g
Sustagen Ready To Drink Dutch Chocolate 250ML
Sustagen Ready To Drink Smooth Vanilla 250ML
Sustagen Powder 900g Sport Chocolate
Sustagen Powder 900g Sport Vanilla
Sustagen Optimum 800g
Sustagen Hospital Formula plus Fibre Choc 900g
Optifast VLCD Tomato Soup Country Style 8 Pack
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found 10 results in 427.4micros