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Avent Feed Bottle 125ML Sng

Avent Feed Bottle 125ML Sng
Avent Feed Bottle 125ML Sng

Specially designed to help you and your baby combine breast and bottle feeding with ease. Wide soft silicone teat mimics the breast in form and function. Anti-vacuum skirt prevents air swallowing, reducing the risk of colic. Wide neck bottle - easy to clean and fill. Cap seals teat for leakproof mixing and travel.


The AVENT Feeding Bottle uses the unique AVENT teat with its anti-vacuum skirt which prevents the swallowing of air and reduces the risk of colic.

Shaped for stability and comfort, its waisted shape is easier to hold and its wide-neck design makes filling and cleaning easy.

Clear markings on the bottle ensure accurate measurement and make it easier to determine how much baby has been fed. The dome cap seals the teat securely to ensure leakproof mixing and travel without the need for seperate sealing discs.

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