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Brauer Nervatona Calm 200ML

Brauer Nervatona Calm 200ML
Brauer Nervatona 200ML

Brauer Nervatona gently relaxes and helps you to unwind so you can cope better with the effects of stress and mild anxiety such as tension, irritability, restlessness and insommnia.
Adults: 10mL
Children 2 to 12 years: 5mL

Take one dose ever half hour for the first 4 doses, then every 4 hours.

If symptoms persist, please consult your healthcare professional.

Each 10mL dose contains tinctures of Anamirta cocculus (Cocculus) equiv to dry fruit 5mcg;
Charmaelirium luteum (False Unicorn Root) equiv to dry root and rhiz. 5mcg and Passiflora incarnata (Passion Flower) equiv. to dry flowering herb 5mg and the homeopathic ingredients Ignatia 4X, 500mcL; Nux vomica 6C 16.7mcL; Phosphoricum acidum 2X, 600nL; Sepia 1X, 500nL and Zincum metallicum 8X, 500nL.

Non-actives: Includes ethanol (alcohol), potassium sorbate and sucrose.

code: 427 591