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Cardiprin 100mg Tablets 30

Cardiprin 100mg Tablets  30
Cardiprin 100mg Tablets 30
Cardiprin 100 is a special formulation containing 100mg aspirin which reduces the aggregation of platelets in the blood and helps to unblock blood vessels. It does this by selectively inhibiting platelet cyclooxygenase, decreasing thromboxane production and inhibiting platelet aggregation.
Cardiprin 100mg Tablets  30
Inhibits blood clotting and reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke in patients with blood vessel disorders

Conditions where modification of platelet behaviour is considered beneficial, including transient ishaemic attacks, secondary prevention of myocardial infarction and for prophylaxis against stroke, vascular occlusion and deep vein thrombosis.

Adult Dose: One tablet daily.
Not recommended for children and teenagers.
Start with the tablet in the section marked ""TAKE FIRST"". On the next day, take the next tablet that corresponds with the day of the week. Follow the arrows around the pack, taking one tablet each day, until all the tablets marked with the day of the week have been taken.
To finish the pack, take the tablets from the section ""TAKE LAST"". A new pack should be started on the next day the same way. It is important to take your Cardiprin 100 tablet each day and ideally at about the same time.
Cardiprin 100 diserses on the tongue without water and is pleasant tasting and easily swallowed.
Cardiprin 100 tablets do not dissolve in water. However, if you prefer, they may be swallowed whole with water.
The Cardiprin 100 Calendar Pack has been designed for your convenience to provide you with an easy check that you have taken today's tablet.

Cardiprin 100 should not be taken by patients who are alleric to salicylates and should be used with caution by patients taking regular anticoagulant therapy. Precautions should be observed in patients with peptic ulcer or asthma.
code: 133 819