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Dexem Repair Cream 30g

Dexem Repair Cream 30g
Dexem Repair Cream 30g

The Dexem line is a line of products developed to tackle the symptoms of eczema without having to use hormones to do so. Hormones damage the skin’s immune system and thereby relieve the autoimmune reaction experienced during eczema. This effect has a serious affect on the skin’s immune system and should be avoided if possible.

Dexem Cream is a non-greasy cream that can be applied on most topical skin blemishes, on dry, scaly, flaky itchy skin as well as on small injuries. It has an itch stopping effect, enhances tissue repair and supports the immune response of the tissues.

The cream is highly effective in soothing the symptoms of eczema and skin irritations. The 2QR complex in the cream helps to protect the skin from outside influences, thus giving it the chance to heal. Dexem Cream is safe and non-toxic, and is safe to be used on children.


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