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Euky Bear Rub 50G Chest Rub

code: 056 226
Euky Bear Rub 50g

Euky Bearub 50g tube is a gentle, soothing Australian Eucalyptus chest rub. It helps relieve a sore throat, stuffy nose, irritating cough and general aches and pains.

Used before sleep, it helps make breathing easier. Although adult strength, it is gentle on the most

sensitive skin.

Directions / Dosage

Head Colds: Gently massage Bearub on to chest, back and throat. Repeat 2 or 3 times a day and before retiring for more restful sleep.

Coughs of Colds: Add 8g (2 teaspoonsful) of Bearub to a stable bowl of steaming hot water and inhale vapour while covering head with towel. Take care with children spilling hot water on themselves. Alternatively inhale using 2g (1/2 teaspoon) in a Euky Bear Vapor Inhaler. Repeat as required every 6 hours. For added relief, massage Bearub on to chest, back and throat.

Muscular Aches and Pains: Massage Bearub into affected muscles. Repeat as necessary.

Irritation of Minor Insect Bites: Gently run Bearub. Do not rub in. Repeat as necessary.


Euky Bearub, a soothing vaporific chest rub to:
- Help you breathe easier to sleep better
- Relief of the symptoms of colds
- May reduce the severity of colds
- For the relief of mucous congestion
- For the symptomatic relief of a sore and inflamed throat
- For the relief of muscular aches and pains
- For the relief of insect bites


Eucalyptus Oil 6.0%
Eucalyptol 6.0%
Menthol 5.0%
Camphor 4.9%
Rosemary Oil 1.0%


For external use only. Use only as directed and consult your doctor or pharmacist if symptoms persist.

In case of very young children, seek medical advice.

Keep out of reach of children.

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