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Gripe Water 200ML Corams

Gripe Water 200ML Corams
Gripe Water 200ML Corams

Corams Gripe Water.
Oral liquid for baby’s wind and griping pains.
Alcohol free. No artificial sweetener. Colourant free.


Coram’s Gripe Water’s pleasant tasting formula temporarily relieves discomfort due to wind and griping pains.

Dosage / Direction

1 to 6 months: give one 5ml metric spoon.
6 to 12 months: give two 5ml metric spoons.

Each dose may be repeated two hourly up to a maximum of 6 doses in 24 hours.

Discard 6 weeks after opening the bottle.


Please consult a health care professional before administering any medication to infants under 6 months.

If symptoms persist, seek medical advice.


Each 5ml contains:
Dill Seed Oil 4.5mg, Caraway Oil 300mcg, Cinnamon Bark Oil 300mcg, Clove Bud Oil 300mcg, Cardamon Oil 90mcg.
Preservatives: Methyl hydroxybenzoate 5mg, Sodium Bisulfite 1.25mg.
Contains Sucrose.

code: 495 820