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Herron Liver Detox Tablets 90

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Herron Liver Detox Tablets 90

Milk Thistle (also known as St Mary’s Thistle) is one of the real success stories in herbal use. Used since very early times for a wide range of conditions including liver related ailments, controlled clinical studies have now confirmed some of its therapeutic actions.

The true active constituents of milk thistle fruits have been well defined and studied.  These mixtures of active components are known as silymarin.  Extracts standardised to these active marker substances have demonstrated they can protect and regenerate liver cells.

Liver Detox is a high potency formulation using Milk Thistle replicated to the same dosage used in successful clinical trials to detoxify, protect and regenerate cells of the liver.  It can also assist in the reduction of the risk of damage brought about by environmental toxins, such as drugs and alcohol.

Active ingredients

Silybum marianum (Milk thistle) extract equivalent to dry fruit 6000mg

Standardized to contain silymarin 70mg

Free from

Artificial colouring, flavouring, sweeteners, preservatives, yeast, gluten, sugars and lactose.

Physical description

Small, easy to swallow capsule.


Adults - Take two tablets twice daily with food or as professionally directed.


• If symptoms persist, consult your healthcare professional.

• Always read the label and use only as directed.

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