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Mater Baby Moisturiser 500ml

Mater Baby Moisturiser 500ml
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Mater Baby Moisturiser is an extra mild lotion to soothe and condition your baby’s delicate skin. The pH balanced moisturiser is specifically formulated for the sensitive skin of newborns to provide long lasting protection from dryness and keep your baby’s skin

As your baby’s skin develops during their first years it can be prone to dryness. Mater Baby Moisturiser is a light, extra mild lotion that will help to maintain your baby’s delicate soft skin. Regular moisturising will hydrate your baby’s skin and provide them with long lasting protection from dryness.

  • Extra mild conditioning lotion
  • Long lasting protection from dryness
  • pH balanced and suitable for sensitive skin
  • Specifically formulated for newborn skin

Mater Baby Moisturiser is also ideal for baby massage before sleep and can be used to help massage away cradle cap.

In a convenient pump pack Mater Baby Moisturiser can be placed by the change table or bath for easy use.  Mater’s custom, recyclable bottle has been designed with a stable wide base and grips to assist in single handed use.

Gently massage into your baby’s skin following their bath and as required during the day.  It is ideal for baby massage before sleep.

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