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Mater Nappies - Crawler Pack 30

Mater Nappies - Crawler Pack 30
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Mater Nappies - Crawler are made from high quality ultra-soft materials that quickly absorb liquid and draw away moisture to help keep your baby’s delicate skin dry.

Size 3 boys and girls 6 - 11kg
Pack size: 30 Nappies

With super absorbent core technology and triple protection against leaks Mater Nappies – Crawler are strong and flexible providing your active baby with maximum comfort and protection day and night.

Mater Nappies – Crawler offer:

  • Fast super absorbent core with three layers to quickly absorb and lock away liquid to keep your baby dry, day and night
  • Leak protection with leg cuffs providing triple protection against leaks
  • Smooth waistband and strong resealable tabs to ensure a snug fit as your baby moves and grows
  • Contoured and flexible provides comfort and a better fit for your baby
  • Ultra soft breathable material allows your baby’s skin to breathe
  • Dermatologically tested for your baby’s delicate skin


  1. Place everything you need within easy reach. Always keep one hand on your baby while changing their nappy
  2. If required, apply Mater Nappy Balm to your baby’s clean, dry skin.
  3. Unfold the nappy completely. Place it under your baby with the tabs at the back.
  4. Bring the front of the nappy up between your baby’s legs and flatten it across their tummy.
  5. Undo the back tabs and fasten them onto the front panel so the nappy is snug but not too tight. Run your fingers around the leg cuffs to ensure a proper fit.
  6. You can adjust the nappy by removing and refastening the tabs.
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