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RoseHip Vital Cap x 250

RoseHip Vital Cap x 250
RoseHip Vital Cap x 250
RoseHip Vital Cap x 250

Rose-Hip Vital is one of the nature's richest sources of Vitamin C. RoseHip Vital also contains 32 other different vitamins and minerals. RoseHip Vital - completely natural combination makes Rose-Hip Vital a dynamic and powerful antioxidant to help maintain or improve your wellbeing.


Rose-Hip Vital - Pure and Natural

Rose-Hip Vital is 100% pure and natural rosehips with Galactolipid (GOPO®) dried and powdered using the patented process to ensure consistency, in an easy-to-swallow capsule. Rose-hip is grown and harvested in Europe and Scandinavia since the 1980s

The Rose-Hip Vital story

Since early days of discovery and dedication, Rose-Hip Vital has made every effort to carefully follow a dedicated process at each stage of development, including

  • how to test and measure which rosehips to use
  • how to plant and nourish them
  • developing special machinery for both planting and harvesting
  • inventing a patented process (Patent Act.1990 No. 759394) where the whole Rose Hip fruit is dried and powdered.

The process has been perfected to leave you with the most potent Rose-Hip product possible from growing to crushing and processing. This pure powder is then put into clear easy to swallow capsules. 

A Family Commitment

Rose-Hip Vital (Hyben Vital ApS) is a family-owned company based on the Danish island of Langeland. Since the early 1980s, it specialises in manufacturing products from rosehips. The company was founded by the visionary Erik "Farmer" Hansen, who was convinced that his pulverised dried rosehips had health-giving properties

What started on a few acres in the early 1980’s has grown into over 200 hectares with some 40 professional farmers in Denmark and Sweden growing rose hip full-time to keep up with Rose-Hip Vital’s demand.

A highly specialised machine imported from Italy delivers a unique planting process by laying down plastic sheeting to insert young plants into the ground at precise intervals. No pesticides or fertilizers are used as this method ensures weeds are never a problem.  Once planted, nature does all the amazing work with no artificial interference.

Plants are left to mature for 3 to 4 years before harvesting. Not only does this give plants time to produce the best quality fruits, it also allows their amazing root system to dive deep into the ground (well below the ploughing level) where they can draw precious trace minerals from soil that has not been depleted by modern agricultural practices.

Rose-Hip Vital – Helping Australians improve quality of life

Arthritis is Australia’s leading cause of disability and chronic pain with over 3.85 million people suffering symptoms*, resulting in lost work or school days and countless visits to GPs, specialists and other health practitioners. Rose-Hip Vital can help with these sypmtoms.


Frequently Asked Questions about Rose-Hip Vital

Q. When did Rose-Hip Vital come to Australia?

A. Rose-Hip Vital has been available with limited distribution since 2001. Today it is available in over 6000 stores nationwide. Fresh stock arrives weekly from our Danish warehouse.

Q. Where can I get Rose-Hip Vital?

A. Rose-Hip Vital is now available through pharmacies, health food stores and some grocery outlets. You can also order directly online or over the phone toll-free and pay by credit card.

Q: How long will it take to work?

A. Most people may experience significant benefits within two to three weeks from starting on Rose-Hip Vital.

Q: How much should I take?

A. Each Rose-Hip Vital capsule contains 500mg of rosehip powder. The recommended daily dose of Rose-Hip Vital  is five once per day and can be doubled as required.

Q: What makes the ingredients of Rose-Hip Vital different to a Vitamin C tablet?

A. Rose-Hip Vital is one of the few products worldwide, using pure rosehips with a patented process of drying and powdering, Galactolipid (GOPO®) delivers a natural anti-inflammatory effect. Clinical trials show that Rose-Hip Vital’s natural Vitamin C is absorbed more effectively than the synthetic version due to its high concentration.

Q: What evidence is there that Rose-Hip Vital may assist?

A. Over 40 scientific studies have been done on Rose-Hip Vital internationally across a range of credible research organisations, most recently in Phytotherapy Research in 2008.

Q. Tell me about the bio/physiological effects of Rose-Hip Vital?

A. Some laboratory studies have found

  • Reduction of leukocyte migration (anti inflammatory) Rose-Hip Vital
  • Reduction of oxidative burst response of leukocytes (anti-oxidant) Rose-Hip Vital
  • Reduction of the level of the inflammatory marker CRP. Rose-Hip Vital
  • Preservation of cell membrane. Rose-Hip Vital

Q. Does diet affect Arthritis or joint pain?

A. Yes. In particular, health professionals the world over agree that a well-balanced diet, with nutritionally sound, unprocessed, natural foods free from chemicals or additives is the wise choice for all people, not only Arthritis sufferers.

Rose-Hip Vital – Helping Australians improve quality of life

See for yourself

  • Rose-Hip Vital is made from 100% pure and natural rosehips grown in Europe and Scandinavia. The deep root system (which penetrates well below the ploughed level) enables the plant to access and absorb a vast array of natural vitamins and minerals.
  • Exclusive to Rose-Hip Vital, the product contains Galactolipid (GOPO®) – using dried rosehips from a special patented process. The result is an anti-inflammatory effect – in easy to swallow capsules.
  • Rose-Hip Vital is acknowledged for its efficacy as one of the most popular products in Australia which may help temporarily relieve the pain of Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Arthritis is Australia’s leading cause of disability and chronic pain with over 3.85 million people suffering symptoms*, resulting in lost work or school days and countless visits to GPs, specialists and other health practitioners.

RECOMMENDED DAILY DOSE of Rose-Hip Vital : 5 capsules daily with meals. 

Ingredients in Rose-Hip Vital : Rosa canina (Rose Hip) 500mg/capsule

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