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Wart Clear Treatment 15ML

Wart Clear Treatment 15ML
Wart Clear Treatment 15ML

Give warts the brush off with Wart Clear

Directions / Dosage

For external use only.

Be patient as the usual treatment time is 10 to 12 weeks. By using Wart Clear Treatment, success can be achieved by following the instructions.
Without treatment, all warts will disappear sooner or later but it can take months or even years.

Step 1 - Soak the warts in hot water for five minutes, then dry with your own towel.
Step 2 - Using a pumice stone or manicure emery board, carefully run along the surface of the warts.
Step 3 - Apply only enough DermaTech Wart Treatment to cover the warts and avoid applying to the surrounding normal skin.
Step 4 - Allow DermaTech Wart Treatment to dry and cover with a bandaid.

Continue treatment once or twice daily with DermaTech Wart Treatment until the wart has completely cleared and the ridge lines of the skin have been restored.

Please remember - Warts are infectious, so always use your own towel to prevent infection spreading to others. If warts are on the soles of the feet, do not walk around barefoot.


May easily be applied by the patient using the unique brush applicator provided with each 15ml pack.

Treatment is indicated in the management of common (plane, plantar and mosaic) warts.


Solution formula:
Salicylic Acid BP 17%
Lactic Acid BP 17%

For external use only.

To be applied strictly as directed.

Please see general instructions on the back of the pack and read enclosed Product Information Leaflet. If application causes excessive irritation, discontinue use and seek the advice of your healthcare professional. Replace cap firmly after use.

First Aid: If swallowed, DO NOT induce vomiting. Contact the Poisons Information Centre, 24 hours service on 131 126.

Highly flammable.

Do not use is you have diabetes or impaired circulation.

Do not apply DermaTech Wart Treatment to the face or anogenital areas. Do not use on moles, birthmarks or unusual skin growths. Do not treat warts over large areas at one time. For further information, seek the advice of your healthcare professional.

code: 302 075