• Bisolvon Chesty Kids Strawberry 200ml

Bisolvon Chesty Kids Strawberry 200ml

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Bisolvon Chesty Kids Liquid is for a chesty or productive cough where the chest is congested with mucus that is difficult to cough up. You can sometimes hear a rattle in your child’s chest when they breathe or cough.

Dosage: Not suitable for children under the age of 6.
Adults and Children over 12 years: 10 mL three times a day (can be increased to 20mL three times a day for the first 7 days
Use in children 6 - 11 years only on the advice of a doctor, pharmacist or nurse practitioner

Use the measuring cup provided in the carton to measure out the correct dose.

Bromhexine hydrochloride (4mg per 5 ml)

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