• Blackmores Lyp-Sine 30 Tablets

Blackmores Lyp-Sine 30 Tablets

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Blackmores Lyp-Sine - Cold Sore Relief
Dietry Supplement - 30 Tablets
Therapeutic Dose to Relieve Cold Sores
* Relieves severity of symptoms such as, itching, burning and pain.
* Reduces healing time.
* Reduces the frequency of outbreaks.

What is Blackmores Lyp-Sine?

A therapeutic dose of the amino acid lysine to relieve the severity
of cold sore symptoms such as itching, burning and pain.
Lysine also reduces the number of outbreaks, and the healing
time of cold sores. It includes vitamin C and zinc to assist with
the healing of lessions.

Blackmores Lyp-Sine helps to:

/ Reduce the number of outbreaks of cold sores.
/ Reduce the healing time.
/ Relieve the severity of symptoms itching, burning and pain.

How to use:

Adults - For risk reduction; take 1 tablet twice daily with meals.
For management of outbreak; take 2 tablets twice daily with meals.

Children 6-12 years - Take 1 tablet a day; or as professionally prescribed.

Children un

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