• Blackmores Womens Vitality Multi Tabs 50

Blackmores Womens Vitality Multi Tabs 50

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Blackmores Women's Vitality Multi provides essential vitamins, minerals and herbs benefical to help insure against women's health problems. Its unique on-a-day formula assits the body to protect and support the liver, giving you the radiant feeling which hepls create a greater sense os wellbeing, energy and vitality. Blackmores Womens Vitality Multi is a complete formula that:

* Supports metabolism: chrmium and iodine

* Converts food to fuel: iron , zinc , vitamins B1, B2, B5, B6, B12, biotin and nicotinamide

* Supports the liver, the amin detoxifying organ of the body: Milk Thistle

* Antioxidants, to help protect cells against free radical damage: green tea, betacarotene, vitamins e and c, selenium, copper and mangaese

* Assists in immune health : iron, zinc and betacarotene

* Maintains heart health : Vitamin C, E , B6 , B12 and folic acid

Complete New Formula

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