• Boston Advance Cleaner 30ml

Boston Advance Cleaner 30ml

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General Information

For rigid gas permeable contact lenses.
Visibly tinted formula.
Removes lipid and protein deposits.
Formulated for improved rinsing.


Daily use of this product will prevent the accumulation of stubborn deposits which impair the wearing comfort of rigid gas permeable lenses.
Specifically formulated for use with Boston Advance Comfort Formula Conditioning Solution.
For weekly protein removal, use Boston One Step Liquid Enzymatic Cleaner.


See package inside product for directions.
ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: an unpreserved concentrated homogeneous surfactant solution containing alkyl ether sulfate surfactant, non ionic alcohol surfactant, and silica gel with titanium dioxide.


Not for use with soft contact lenses.
discard cleaner ninety days after opening


Store at room temperature. 15-30'C.
Discard cleaner 90 days after opening.

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