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Breath A Tech Spacer

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The compact, efficient spacer for use with standard 'puffers' in the treatment of asthma. Suitable for all ages. Reduces possible medication side effects, ensures more efficient use of medication, eliminates the need to co-ordinate inhalation and dosage releases. Compact and easy to carry, easy to clean and sterilise if necessary. Flexiblle end allows use with all standard 'puffers'. Made from strong durable materials, transparent chamber and allows the user to breathe more naturally by means of a world patented valve system.

Remove cap from puffer and shake, insert puffer into breath-a-tech and activate spray. Remove protector cap, place to mouth, inhale slowly and deeply. Face mask attaches easily to assist administration (child and adult).

Contents: 1 spacer.
(Childs face mash

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