• Carnation Corn Caps 5

Carnation Corn Caps 5

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Carnation corn caps salicylic acid bp contain a unique keratolytic that penetrates and helps remove hard corns while the red felt ring relieves pressure.

clean and dry the feet to ensure adhesion
remove a corn cap from the backing paper and position the felt ring over the corn
firmly fix in position with adhesive straps
when properly applied it shuld not slip or move
change the corn cap every two days until the corn is easily removed. A maximum of five corn caps should be used per corn.
no more than three corns to be treated at one time.

a mild degree of discomfort or soreness may be experienced while using this product..

do not use if you are diabetic or have impaired circulation
do not use on infants or very yung children unless on medicl advice
USE ONLY on common corns. Do not use on moles,birthmarks or unusual skin growths. DO NOT treat corns over lare areas at one time .
do not use product after expiry date shown .


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