• Cutiplast 76303 10 X 8cm Pack 5

Cutiplast 76303 10 X 8cm Pack 5

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Conformable wound dressings.
For grazes, cuts and surgical wounds.
5 Sterile dressings: 10cmx8cm.

6.2cm long--- on padded part and 4cm high.
10cm long ---- on sticky part and 8cm high.

Conforms to body movement
Hypoallergenic adhesive
Allows skin to breathe
Non-stick pad

1- Clean and dry skin around wound. Open pack by peeling apart side flaps.
2- Remove backing paper from one half of dressing ensuring wound pad is positioned to cover entire wound.
3- Remove remaining half of backing paper and apply gentle pressure to ensure complete adhesion dressing.
Change dressings daily, or more often if wound fluid seeps through pad. For single use only.

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