• Elastoplast Abc Plaster 14 X 22cm Single

Elastoplast Abc Plaster 14 X 22cm Single

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ABC plaster activates body heat and helps combats pain . The ideally matched combination of active principles derives form arnica and capsicum assists and accelerates the body's natural healing process. The herbal extracts contained in the ABC plaster result in the blood vessels of the skin becoming dilated. Owing to the increased bloodflow, metabolic processes taking place in the tissue cells are stimulated in the area where the pain is located .

E/Plast Abc Plastic 14 x 22cm Single
Abc plaster works where the pain is. It can be used for - stiff neck, myalgia (muscular ache), lumbargo, back ache, shooting pains, rheumatism - sciatica, and neuralgia .

Before applying the plaster, rub the skin well clean and dry over the painful area. The skin must be completly clean of any previously used linament. The active substances on the ABC plaster are distrubuted evenly , which means the plaster can be cut into a smaller shape if desired. Then peel

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