• FlightSafe Child Ear Plugs

FlightSafe Child Ear Plugs

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FlightSafe ear plugs were developed with the express objective of protecting the ear from quick and major changes in the air pressure, such as can be experienced in airplanes or cable cars and elevators of skyscrapers. Inserted in time before the landing or the trip down to the valley, the ear protection forms a small chamber in the auditory canal in front the ear drum. A special, high precision filter delays the increase in air pressure in this small chamber.

Even if the Eustachian tubes can perform an active opening to the middle ear for the pressure balance only with a delay or with limitations, the buffer effect in the chamber prevents the ear drum from bending painfully.

This relatively simple principle requires a high precision filter which limits the air flow in the chamber so extremely that the desired buffer effect can actually come into effect.

This differentiates FlightSafe ear plugs from simple noise protection plugs, which some manufacturers unfortunately offer with instructions for use during flights. These simple devices are highly ineffective against changes in air pressure.


 - If you have felt pressure in the ear and pain even at the start of the flight and during ascent we recommend inserting the ear protection before the start and to remove it only after approx. 30 minutes after the start of the flight. The pressure conditions in the cabin normally do not change at cruising altitude till the aircraft begins to descend. During flights of less than an hour and half duration, we recommend wearing FlightSafe ear plugs during the entire flight, especially since the ear protection additionally works to reduce noise.

 - You should always insert the ear plugs 45 minutes before the planned landing because the air pressure in the cabin rises rapidly as soon the aircraft leaves cruising altitude and starts to descend. We recommend removing FlightSafe only on reaching the airport building, to allow the Eustachian tubes sufficient time to equalise the pressure.

 - Children in particular, often suffer from pain in the ears while landing. The little ones receive a very special present, to make holiday travel not just pain-free but entertaining as well.

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