• Johnson & Johnson Band-Aid Assorted Plastic Shapes 50 Pack

Johnson & Johnson Band-Aid Assorted Plastic Shapes 50 Pack

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Handy assortment of shapes 50 sterile shapes 5 different shapes.
Long Lasting Adhesive: To help bandages stay on. Breathable: All-purpose protection that lets wound breathe. Side Seals: Around pad to protect your wound against infection. Sterile: Sterility guaranteed unless individual envelope opened.

5 different shapes
SPOT for small areas.
JUNIOR ideal for a childs wound.
PATCH for a larger wound.
REGULAR for everyday protection.
EXTRA WIDE for greater coverage.

Skin should be clean and dry before using dressing. Change dressing daily.

Johnson & Johnson Consumer Service Centre: Australia 1800 029 979. New Zealand 0800 446 147. South Africa 0800 410 032.

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