• Nicorette Quick Mist Mouth Spray Freshmint 2 x 150 Sprays

Nicorette Quick Mist Mouth Spray Freshmint 2 x 150 Sprays

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For FAST craving relief!! Nicotine 1mg/spray stop smoking aid helps to relieve nicotine cravings twice as fast as lozenge!! Always read the label. Use only as directed

NICORETTE QuickMist gives you fast relief from your cigarette cravings. The nicotine is absorbed quickly into your blood stream through the mouth lining, helping to rapidly relieve the urge to smoke.

Why use it?
By tackling these cravings as quickly as possible, you can regain control swiftly, and feel more confident about succeeding in your quit attempt. The dispenser is roughly the size of a highlighter, so it will fit easily into your handbag or pocket. Because its so portable, you can help to relieve your nicotine cravings wherever they strike - whether youre at home, in the office, out with friends or just walking down the street.

How to use it?
Use one to two sprays when you would normally smoke a cigarette or have cravings to smoke.
Use one spray first and if your cravings do not disappe

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