• Panadol 20 Tablets

Panadol 20 Tablets

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Effective on pain
Gentle on stomachs

Use panadol for
fats , effective temporary relief of pain and discomfort with:

headache/tension headache arthritis/osteoarthritis
toothache cold and flu symptoms
muscular aches backache

Suitable for people with stomach ulcers
breastfeeding mothers
asthmatics sensitive to asprin and NSAIDs

12-adult -
1 - 2tbs every 4-6hours with water as required (maximum 8 tbs in 24hrs)
7-12 1/2-1 every 4-6 hors with water as required ( maximum 4 tbs in 24hrs )

if pain persists , or you exceed these doses , seek medical advice.

Do not use panadol
if using other medicines containg paracetamol
if any of the seals on this package are broken
if the package use-by date below has expired
for children below age 7, except on medical advice
for more than 48hrs for children aged 7-12

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