Patient Profiles

Patient profiles allow you to purchase prescription products. You may create a profile for yourself as well as your family or partner.


An Australian issued prescription is required for us to dispense any prescription products.

After purchasing a prescription product you must post the original prescription given to you by your doctor to: (FREE SERVICE) 

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Information About Prescription Categories

Australia's health system provides that individuals may pay different prices for their prescriptions. This will be dependent on their entitlements. Each prescription listed on our site may display up to 4 different prices. The price you will pay will depend on your entitlements. The different price categories are: General, Private, Concession and Safety Net.

General (PBS)

These are medications listed on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) and are subsidised by the government. The whole list can be found at These costs are set by the Australian government and under current legislation any subsidised medicine cannot be discounted. Prescription Record Form (PRF) stickers will be supplied with all PBS prescriptions and Safety Net Totals will be kept for patients. Where no price appears in the PBS field, the prescription is only available as a Private Prescription. In certain circumstances a PBS listed medicine may not be eligible to be subsidised for certain patients. In these cases, the patient will have to pay the Private Prescription price.


Some prescriptions are not subsidised by the government and the patient pays the full cost of the medication. These products do not count towards the Safety Net total for the year but may be able to claim against Private Health Insurance. Receipts will be provided for any products that may be claimed. Under certain circumstances PBS medicines may not be subsidised by the government and in these situations, the Private Price will have to be paid by the patient.


(Includes, Pensioners, Health Care, Veteran's Affair and Safety Net Concession Card Holders) customers with these cards will pay $6.60 for most prescriptions. Some products incur a government surcharge on original branded products, but if you request to purchase generics no surcharge is charged. All concession card holders must on first orders provide us with a photocopy of entitlement card and Medicare card details.

Important: All entitlement card recipients must provide us with photocopies of their cards with on first order to avoid fraud.

Safety Net

If you are a Concession card holder and your spending on PBS medication has reached a certain level (see Safety Net Information) during a calendar year, you will be eligible for a Safety Net card. Once you have qualified you will not pay for PBS prescriptions for the rest of the year (unless you require an original brand attracting a surcharge).

Important: All entitlement card recipients must provide us with photocopies of their cards with on first order to avoid fraud.

Multiple Packs & Multiple Repeat Prescriptions

Repeats Can Be Left With Us

Please indicate when ordering if you would like us to hold your repeat prescriptions. This will save you time in future, as you will only need to call or email us when you require your repeat to be filled. By allowing us to hold all your scripts we can help keep your Safety Net entitlement up to date so you will never pay more than you need to.


  • ChemistAustralia only dispenses prescription medication with a prescription written by a registered Australian Doctor.
  • Overseas customers cannot purchase prescription products.
  • ChemistAustralia offer service worldwide but dispensing prescriptions is restricted to Australia only.
  • Current Government regulations state that emails and faxes of Prescriptions will not be dispensed.


Generic brands are categorised as less expensive and do not incur government charges. In the case where a particular drug has a generic we will ask you if you would like the generic brand. Generic brands are no different in quality or strength the only difference is they cheaper.

Prescription Codes

The following is a breakdown of terms to determine prescription pricing. Different pricing of prescriptions will apply to consumers who have entitlement cards. When you choose a prescription item, four different prices will be available to you to choose from depending on your individual circumstance.


National Health Scheme price is set by the Government. Prescription Record Form Stickers are supplied and recorded on a Safety Net Card. (A) - when this appears after a prescription item, an Authority is required from the Government for the PBS price.


No government subsidy which means the customer will pay the full price of their medication. Any person with a prescription may pay this price.


Entitlement cards in this category are pension cards, health care cards, veteran’s affairs cards, safety net cards and CN cards. All those with recent appropriate entitlement cards must provide us with a photocopy with their first order as proof on entitlement.

Safety Net

Safety Net Cards or SN cards are issued on reaching safety net limits set by the Australian Government.

Safety Net Information

If you or your family need a lot of medication over one calendar year you may be entitled to a PBS Safety Net card. This is a threshold set out by the government to protect families financially who spend a lot

A family can include:

  • A spouse or de facto spouse
  • Children under 16 years old in your care
  • Full time dependent students under 25.

Individual pharmacies are not linked so families need to keep a record of their prescriptions this can be done on a Prescription Record Form (PRF) alternately we are happy to keep a record for you and notify you once you have reached your Safety Net.

Safety Net Threshold

The levels for 2021 are as follows:

  • General Patients
    $1497.20 per Calendar year.
  • Concession Card Holders
    (Pension, health care card holders etc). A Safety Net Card will be issued allowing PBS prescriptions to be free for you and your family for the remainder of the calendar year.