• Savacol Mouth & Throat Rinse Mint 300ml

Savacol Mouth & Throat Rinse Mint 300ml

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Reduces dental plaque. Soothes sore throat- Relieves discomfort of mouth ulcers, and andi in the treatment of gum disease.Contains Chlorhexidine - a broad spectrum antiseptic with prolonged action

ADULTS:use 10ml of undiluted Savacol. Children under 10.use 5ml of Savcol diluted with 5ml of warm water.

Savco may cause (1) staining of tooth surfaces and tooth restorations, or (2) an increase in tartar and (3) a temoporary alteration in taste perception. Stains resulting from the use of Savcol will not adversely affect the health of your gums, staining can be removed by your dental professional it is important to see your dentist for removal of any stain or tartar at least every six months or more frequently if your dentist advises.

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